Is he trying signal here? You believe it means?

Ex and I are friends right now while working on a second chance. He recently put up a couple photos and two were personal which are one tattoo. Tattoo has my name, rose, lips and nickname on neck. He shows one public and other friends. However he covers middle part of my last name and first letter in my first name along with rose. He has so many female friends on social media page and both pics up right now. We talk each month a couple of times and ever since tattoo pictures came up hasn't be online. I haven't message him or click like on picture. I know when we first date I was good to him and he mess that up. So I have decide not put my entire self out there and wait for him too. He has mention missing me and he hasn't found nothing like what we had. I have some idea of what he could be expressing but I want other people's opinions. Far as family they don't wanna discuss his name or anything regarding him.


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  • so for how long he's offline? maybe he has other jobs 2 do...


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