So my girlfriend asked for space today? Please help me please?

So we text everyday and talk for hours on the phone see each other almost every day we were dating for a year and six months till she asked for a break said it would make us stronger she told my friends it's cuz of my trust issues and i needed to change before we can get back together again so now what do I do to show I've changed because I know she still loves me she isn't gonna say because she wants me to change and if she does say it then I know she will be back regardless


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  • Proof has to be in the sweet pudding for her to See for herself that You... Needed to change.
    She took this time to give you 'Time' here, dear, to Make a difference in yourself. With the space now that you both are taking, you need to do some serious soul searching and come to face that in order to save the day, save the girl, you have to tart Proving to her, Don't Expect This over nite.
    Tell her you want to go slow with the flow and better nurture and nurse what you both have going and semi flowing. Tell her to give you an Opportunity to see the Real You and to make a decision Then... To be back on board or sail away someday.
    Good luck. xx

    • I just saw now how she is texting you so she is hanging in there because she still cares... don't come off clingy, needy or desperate, this will turn her off... you need to show her you are changing, you will change and be a better man for her so you can get your relationship and HER back again. xx

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    • She uses these words like if we get back together or we will see what happens or yes it will make us stronger

    • If she says THISW, it looks like she is hanging in there.. Let time be your best friend for now. xx

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  • How long has this "break" lasted so far?

    • Well it started two weeks but we still stayed in contact so it really started like 5 days ago

  • Yeah you need to chill out. I'm sure you care and think about her a lot but you're hurting her by not allowing her to have room to breathe. I think you're projecting your insecurities onto her.

    • Do u think she will be back?

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    • It depends if you pushed her too far and you need to stop worrying. Worrying is why she needs a break. Take a step back and let control go.

    • She still texts me sometimes I don't know what to do I can't sleep I can't eat it's just so hard

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