Why would he lie about seeing someone else.., why not just be honest?

I'm the type of gal that feels if my ex partner starts seeing someone else soon after we break up, I am finished with them and there is never a chance of reconciliation.

My ex broke up with me and ignored me and eventually I just stopped calling him. So a few wks later after radio silence he comes over and proposes we be friends. At this time I also ask him if he's seeing anyone and he swears on his life and everything holy that he is not.

So, later in the week I go by his house knock on the door and I here him tell a female to not answer it and he threatens to call the cops.

Basically in front of her he acts like I'm stalking him, when he initiated contact. Im done with him. I changed my numbers, blocked him from everything, but the thing I dont get is why couldnt he have just told the truth. If he would have said I am seeing someone i would have been like ok and moved on!

I would have been sad, but would have left him alone. Our relationships has been off and on and I have TRIED to make it work mostly because I love him and we have a son together.


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  • It appears here, dear, he felt with you both not having any real strings attached anymore, aside from your little one, that he was trying To... Have his cake and eat it Two.
    You know now for sure you cannot trust even his "Holy art thou's" so thank God for this. You found out that he still wanted you in his back pocket, wants you and your son with him in his life but doesn't want a heavy commitment with you as well.
    He didn't want you to know his bimbo's and his business and I find him a disgrace that he used God as a tool to lie. All I can say now is 'Like ok and move on' because someone out there is more deserving And... Trustworthy.
    Work out whatever visitation rights with your son but in the Relationship Department... This one is Hallelujah done.
    Good luck. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me a chance to lend a helping hand with the man.:)) xx

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  • Can't you screw him over via child support and stuff?

    • Since he was the one being immature in this relationship and you've even tried to make it work for the sake of your son?

  • Because he does not want to hurt you


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  • Because he wants to cheat.


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