Apologizing to my ex?

So I broke up with my boyfriend in February and he just kinda stopped talking and left me to think that we were still dating, however since he hasn't talked to me in a few months I figured it was over. However, it seems my friend got together with his cousin and has a chance to talk to my ex on my behalf. I have been trying to get things straight with him for awhile to just get peace of mind but he doesn't reply to any of my texts and stuff. I'm not sure if I should be apologizing because after all he like left me. I'm really super conflicted about doing this but I feel like its the right thing to do also?


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  • Maybe he found out about something you have done?

    I guess you could say something like "I don't know what I have done to hurt you because you haven't told me, but I am sorry".

    Don't expect a reply though.


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  • If you broke up with him, how did he leave you to think that you were still dating? That makes no sense. And what is it you feel the need to apologize for? That you broke up with him? People cannot give you advice if you don't explain the situation in a way people can understand what's going on...


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  • he left you its his lose dont apologize to his ass he made his bed now let him sleep in it and find u a better man.


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