Lied to my ex girlfriend a out a pretty big accomplishment, should I come clean?

I saw my ex ran into her. She left because her parents made her life hell and gave her an ultimatum. I lied about a big accomplishment that I was working on during the relationship and I said I finished it when I did in fact fail. I was ashamed and I just said it out of pressure. I honestly feel sick to my stomach. I said I graduated fire academy. She new I failed but thought j just got recycled back to the next class. She always looked up to me and I pride myself on my accomplishments. I didn't want to think any less of me. Do I pull her aside and just come clean? I really do think we will eventually get back together. Or will I just look stupid. We are seeing each other like twice a week now because we go to the same school. I feel sick and like this is going ti eat on my conscience. Should I just wait till we get on that level again to come clean? I mean no use right now. This will push her further away I feel.
Does it look like there is something significantly wrong with me tk lie about such a thi g


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  • I always tell everyone to Let sleeping dogs lie, however, being this is making you 'Sick to my stomach' and it's eating at you like a cancer inside, go ahead and level with her and Then... Realize right then and there where you may stand with her in the future.
    You will know then, by coming clean, if she accepts you unconditionally or will Continue in the future to be under her parent's wing over The... Least little thing.
    In case there is another chance for romance, if you tell her later, you may have wished you told her earlier because Then... You would be probably barking up the wrong tree.
    Good luck. xx

    • I mean does it look like there is somwthing significantly wrong with me because I lied about such a thing?

    • No, I would not say there is anything any different from you than other guy who was just aiming to please... don't feel guilty. If you feel there may be any chance for the future and she will find out, then come clean with her. xx

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  • If you think you want to get back together with her I would be honest, lying only gets so far and then your thinking too much on not slipping up just come clean and then she can her her own opinion and can support you if you get back together

    • I mean we aren't really talking anymore.. should I just come clean we are on that level again?

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    • Does it look like there's something wrong with me because I lied about something sk big?

    • We all make mistakes I've certainly told lies I shouldn't have but just make sure you know why it wasn't the right thing and try to use that in the future, that's life it'd all about learning new things and situations all the time. Personally I don't like making the same mistake twice

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  • Lets say you tell her the truth, do you have any hunch what will her reaction be? And would you like that reaction? Will it be fine for you?

    • I feel like I'd look like a jackass and she'd prly never persue me again

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    • No. I wouldn't think that there is something wrong with you just because of that. I suggest you tell her the truth sooner, you dont want to drag this any longer do you. Its for your own peace of mind also.

    • Here's the thing we don't talk.. I feel like if I did come clean with it we would have tk be on an intimate level. If I tell her noe while we are not even talking I feel like I lose any chance

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  • She's an ex, who cares? Forget her and move on. Why would you waste any time and feeling awkward for someone you have no future with?

    • I sincerely think we do have a future.

    • You lied and you failed your class, I don't see much of a future there. I think you are just digging a deeper hole here.

    • I'm going back again to finish what I started. It's just a lie I mean me and this girl truley do love ea ch other and would like a future eventually.

  • You can't hide it forever.


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