How to heal after being with a narcissistic partner?

My ex was narcissitic and I was with him for 5 years. I stayed with him because I loved him and because we have a son together. Through out the relationship he has hurt me in so many ways that I won't even list them here. After being together for 5 years, and seeing that I was not going to take him back after destroying me, he got married about 4 months after the breakup. I dont feel that he cheated because our relationship was a whirlwind relationship that resulted in engagement, pregnancy in about 6-7 months. How does one heal from all the pain? The thing is that when we last broke up he BEGGED me to move back in with him since he moved out and I told him no because I knew it was a trap. He got furious that I renewed my lease and that's when he started being distant.


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  • I'm so sorry for what you went through. It takes time, something no one wants to invest. If I could, I'd make it better, but I can't. I know you'll make it, though. I have faith in you. :)


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  • Ignore him also. If you don't want to fix things between the two of you let it all go

    • well he is married now, so there is nothing to be fixed. however he treats me like I am the one who was wrong.

    • Just leave it be then.

  • have you tried seeking counseling?


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