My ex girlfriend contacted me?

My ex girlfriend of a year and five months contacted me to confront me about something. Well we went to the same college together and the college provides us with information in order to log in and get classes etc.
well my girlfriend had given me her username and password because she wanted me to help her do homework, get classes etc... I had it saved on my computer after the break up (completely forgot to erase it) so every time I logged in the school website it will automatically have her username saved and it logged me in.
It has been a month and a half almost 2 months already since we broke up. She decided to message me now and ask me if I have been logging on her account. I was honest and told her the situation really briefly, tried to keep it short. Maybe 3 to 4 message interaction 2 her and 2 me. She said "ok it is because it notified me" and told her that everything is good and told her goodbye.
she didn't respond in return. But looking in the past break ups, she always came to be for a second chance just had to find a reason to talk to me. also, I was thinking instead of asking me and confirming and knowing that I still had her information why couldn't she just change her password... Unless she's a really airhead lol. And also why does she still have my number saved?
What do you guys think? What should I do? I really wanted to blow her off completely and ignore her when this situation occurs, but I can't be a complete douchebag.


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  • FIX IT YOU IDIOT... lol you two brokeup for some reason... Go meet her in person and like a date and discuss.. Maybe you two could start over... And to me, it seems like she is trying to contact you.. so it should be fine... :)

    • Sorry, I just read the messages down below my answer... so yes she is reaching you out.

      Buddy let me tell you this.
      You broke up because you know it was not a healthy relationship. FINE. BUT SHE said that she still misses you so which means she is trying to reach you. Just ask from your self... ask from your heart did you ever fell in love with this girl... like a soul mate loving shit? If you did and I'm pretty sure she did too... WORK IT OUT.

      I know that you guys have fights BUT THAT IS NORMAL. LOL I use to fucking go crazy with my ex but its another story...

      PLUS, just because you feel like she is not putting brought effort, maybe because she is to busy with work or something... You can expect her to be your 24/7. I mean yeah but don't be clingy... Give her space and time... And talk and communicate and be open to each other.. Good luck... Cheers :)

    • I'm sorry for the late responds, I been thinking a lot lately...

      I agree, I mean it does take 2 person's to work this out, which is what i'm seeing but I still feel iffy about the relationship, she hid and lied to me about things, and doesn't necessarily open up to me as much. Which is like a bad thing on her part. But I did my part and put myself in her shoes, yea, maybe she did those things so I won't judge her or get mad at her... but I mean i can't just get why she makes things way more complex, that just taking the easy route and be honest and genuine with me. I told her several of times but it's hard! even she tells me she's hard to deal with.

      I don't know I'm still iffy about it, but I mean you do have a point that since both people are trying then it is good. I was clear to her about being committed to the relationship and she understood... so I told her I would give her space and time to think about it clearly. Thank you for your response it honest clear my thoughts! :)

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  • if she doesn't hides passwords and stuff like dat, then i'd assume mostly dat she simply has nothing 2 hide... although this doesn't mean she wants u back, yet there might b a chance ;)

    • Well... After that she responded congrats on my graduation, and that she hopes I find some one better than her (I broke up with her btw) and she called but I didn't answer, and then she asked me if I still had X (being the thing I have of hers) and I told her I wasn't sure. This isn't anything new to me she is just trying to find a reason to see me or talk to me.

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    • not bad, but when she said "i don't wanna b wid somebody like u" guess she said it when she was in anger.
      otherwise wouldn't she keep those passwords away from u?

    • you do have a point, well she did open up and tell me she still misses me and still has feelings for me

  • If you keep ignore her she will follow you. If you tell her strictly leave me alone I beilive she will leave you.


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