Moved too fast?

This Question is long so just bear with me.

Last weekend I went out with an amazing women who I met online.At first we exchanged a few emails until we established that we had somethings in common and then shortly after I asked for number,she responded with,why don't you give me yours.Of course I didn't because anytime I've had a women say this to me in the past she wasn't interested.So a few days goes by and I get an email from her giving me her number and asking me to call her.I call her and we have like an hr long conversation which I rarely ever do with someone I haven't even gone out with yet.So anyway,before I hang up I tell her we should meet up and she agrees but she has to check her schedule first and has to get back to me.The next day or so I get a text from her saying she's free for the weekend.I call her back with the time and the place.So far so good.Saturday Night we go out and play some pool.She looks absolutely stunning.The conversation was good,there was a lot of flirting.We felt really at ease with each other.After a few games I tell her we should go get a bite to eat,We take her car,once again good dinner good convo,after dinner she asks

me if I want to get some coffee,It was late so I declined.Good first date right?She even sends me a text the next day asking if I got home OK.I called her and we chatted again.

OK,almost done.So here's where I think I messed up.I wait like 4 days before I contact her again,I sent her what I thought was a funny text.A few things guys wished girls knew:Never asks us to beat anyone up,cause it might happen,I will never like anyone who's in a boy band,Laugh at my jokes no matter how dumb they are and you'll always be mine.She never responds.The next time I talk to her she's out with her friends and her whole tone of voice has changed and she's short with me.The next day I get a text from her saying that she's sorry that she couldn't talk last night etc.

I don't get back to her right away,when I do I ask her how her day was and if she has plans for the weekend.She says she's working.She doesn't say anything more and I leave it at that,taking it to mean she's lost all interest.Haven't talked to her since.

I know this was long,but I needed to get it off my chest.She really is everything I'm looking for,but how could I know this after only one date.Did I screw up?Should I bother trying to contact her again.My gut says move on.Thanks for your patience.
Moved too fast?
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