HELP: If you have moved out on your own, please let me know what to look out for..ANY ADVICE Would Help...

I'm living at home and I can't do anything, it's like I'm on lock down forever! Mom expects me to be home before it's gets get's dark at 4 now. I'm planning on moving out but I don't have my license or a car or a job. So far I have applied to about 100 jobs only one called, and I got an interview, but they haven't called ever since. I'm still going to keep applying. So anyways..I want to move out so bad I can't take living at home anymore, I can't take it the way things are..I just want to be alone...But first I want to make sure I save enough money...about how much money would I need to start living on my own? I want to get a one room roommates or anything...maybe my boyfriend...I JUST BASICALLY WANT TO KNOW WHAT I WOULD HAVE TO LOOK OUT FOR MOVING OUT ON MY OWN AND HOW I CAN KEEP MYSELF FINANCIALLY STABLE. Like what type of job would help...AAHHH! PLEASE SOMEONE ANY SENSIBLE ADVICE WOULD HELP, PREFERABLY FROM SOMEONE WHO'S LIVING ON THEIR OWN!

Oh I'm planning on moving out until fall of next year or next winter..i think it might give me some time to save some money..don't you think?


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  • where I live the cheapest place is like 900 a month, but that's in the middle of the hood.

    i suggest you just keep going to school until you get a real, professional job. only way you

    can make realy good money these days is being a stripper or something.

    also if your going to rent a place, you might as well just throw all your money away.

    think about it. if you rent a place your paying to live in a place that isn't yours. the money

    that you give the real owners of the apartment is probably going to be used to pay

    the mortgage of the place. so your pretty much working to pay someone elses mortgage.

    your better off going to school, getting a real job, then buying your own place and you

    pay your own mortgage and not someone else.

    ok how much do you need? lets say you find a place for 700 (which around here is nearly impossible, I don't know about where you live). then you need to pay the light, and water, 250 (which really doesn't sound right). then you need food. 250 more. that's 1200 per month. which doesn't sound right to me at all


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  • that's good for you! eh. it really depends where your living at? like what area do you want to move too? some times they will ask you to put a deposit and they will for sure do a credit check, which if I'm right you don't have any credit do you?

    • No I don't think :( what the heck..well the apartment would be around 300-400 and something..

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    • Like do you pay for you cell phone bill? if you do then your building you credit up, as long as you pay it on time.

    • Oohhh ok I get it

  • another thing, it doesn't matter how much money you save to move out, you will still be broke within 2 months.

    • Did you end up moving back in your parents house or are you still living on your own? what if I move in with my boyfriend and a couple of friends?

    • Yeah iv had to move back to mums lots of times, it would be a lot cheaper if you moved in with your boyfriend and some others, but you have to make sure you all have jobs, if one of them loses their job then YOU have to make up the rent. its easiest to rent a room from somebody you don't know, trust me, that's the best and cheapest way.

    • Oh ok THANKs AlOt

  • iv lived on my own since I was 18 on and off, I'm now 21.

    All I can say to you is that if you arnt rich, living on your own is FUCKING HARD and damn near impossible. The only way you are going to do it is if you rent a room in somebodys house or you look for jobs that come with free accommadation, but you are likely to have to move out of town to get them. As a woman you have a slight advantage, you can advertise on sites that you need a room but have no money for rent, so you could do all the chores like cooking, cleaning and other stuff.. you may also get replies from men that will let you live free in their houses in exchange for sex.. this is not advised, but desperate needs call for desperate measures. good luck

    • OMg noo way I would never do that one to live in thier houses in exchange for sex..thanks for commenting

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