Why does my ex that we broke up two years ago call me?

So the thing is we broke up two years ago, and out of the blue he called me two days ago. We had good two hour convo's each time, how out life is, ad what's been going on. With each convo he keeps hinting he still has feelings for me, he told me he missed me and cried for a week after I moved. That's why we broke up, I was moving to a new state. Long distance rarely works and I didn't think it would because we were young back than. Anyway my old feelings are coming back and I'm really confused on what's going on. Help, please.


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  • Might just want the sex, might want the whole package. Maybe he's decided you're really worth the LDR.

    So is he worth it? Talk this out with an open mind (since you're starting to feel those feelings) and see what happens. Good luck. :)


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  • Well it's obvious he's hung up on you and still has feelings. The breakup was because of distance and there isn't bad blood between the two of you. It's sweet you might have another chance.

    As far as long distance relationships go, both parties can make it work if they really want to. If he's within a few hours away, you two could see each other every so often if you have the means to travel. But the distance is a bitch. My ex considered our relationship "long distance" even though we live 19 miles, 40 minutes apart. Then again he placed little value on the relationship. It really depends on the quality of your love and how far you would both travel.


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  • It works if it has too. I could care less if you're in another continent. Love is what it is. Love will find a way.


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  • He just had a break up and is rebounding. That's usually the case with most exes especially coming back around that long after you split. If he still cared or even loved you he would of got back in touch way sooner don't be fooled. He got dumped and wants some attention so went to you and by sounds of it you are vulnerable so he used it to his advantage to reel you back in an he got you right where he wants now lol? After two years he missed you that much but didn't try contact or see you at all. People don't stop trying when they truly care actions are everything it's easy for him to say all this now.

  • He misses that pusssayyyy


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