Ex boyfriend thinks I made up a fake dating profile to talk to him?

He broke up with me 2 weeks ago saying our fights were unhealthy and every time we fight it hurts me. He told me he loves me but he's done. We've spoken since then me pathetically trying to discuss the breakup and a reconciliation. He told me right now all he can offer is a friendship and doens't know what will happen down the line but that I hurt him and he gave his last chance during our last fight. Well what an eye opener that's been. During our last conversation he accused me of making a make online dating profile to pump him for information on who he is dating or hooking up with. This makes no sense to me and now his best friend has accused me as well. I didn't lie and the fact that someone I love truly thinks I would lie about this breaks my heart all over again. Is there anything I can do to prove I didn't make up a account let alone ever lie to him? When I asked him he said "I think you would lie" If I wanted to talk to him I would just ask him.


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  • If you really want to take drastic measures the IP address of the messages can be looked up. It proves the profile wasn't made from any of your devices... But like I said that's taking a drastic measure. I would be very hurt by this as well. I wouldn't ever want someone I loved accusing me of something so petty. Could it possibly be that he's fabricating this to create more animosity and distance so the break up will hurt less? I find many people especially men tend to do that.


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  • Very strange, did you ever consider the fact that there might not be a fake profile and he is just saying that to try and show you that other women are interested in him?


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  • I agree with the MHO that you chose, and that the animosity can be used to justify the break up and ease it for him. I'm sorry about how hard this is for you.

    Trust me, this guy is easy and isn't over you. You have to understand that you can still get back together by attracting him the right way. This can happen by saying and doing the right things at the right time. Message me, or create a new question, I'd love to help you with this further to help you regain your confidence, as well as his respect. You have to pull yourself together sweetie,, don't be swayed by his intense paranoia... stay strong and stand your ground. You can do this <3

    • I'm not quite sure where to go from here?

    • I just realized your question is 25 days old. And I'm not sure how you feel about him at the moment, or what happened since your question.

      But I'm assuming you still want him back.
      If you still feel attached, that's normal, it's only been a month, and there was some hurt involved which lingers a bit. At this point, you really want to ask yourself if this man deserves to have you back in his life should he try to reconnect with you again. And it's not even about his inherent deservedness as much as what you genuinely need and want from a man.

      I know we're talking about getting him back right now, but first things first, we need to make sure that, should you two get back together, that it's actually going to be /good/. because if it's gonna be bad, then what's the point? Do you see what I'm saying?

      I'm running out of character space here. I have great book suggestions for you if you don't want to message me, I can even give you a copy I have by email if you'd like.

  • It sounds like he is trying to wash his hands of your relationship without actually saying so. Instead of coming clean, he is blaming you and making it out to be like the only thing holding you two apart is that you "hurt him for the last time."

    That excuse wears thin when he keeps openly communicating with you - if it were that bad he would have cut you off. So the next thing to do is to slander your name (stalker, liar, crazy clingy ex) and paint you to be the bad guy and he the victim. I'd bet money that he came at you with this accusation attack and his Mind made up instead of truly trying to find out whether it was you and giving you the benefit of the doubt - he's eager and has already spread the lie to another person. He also gave a perfect scenario where you can't easily prove yourself innocent and it sounds just plausible enough to be believable.

    Drop this cowardly loser.


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