Need help related to breakup?

My girlfriend broke up with me 4 weeks ago. Since then I have been begging her to be with me. She always asked me to move on andsaid she doesn't love me. She always asked me to move on and said she doesn't love me to the extend I love her. She pings me once in a while to keep a check on me. I really miss her. But decided one day and asked her she can contact me only when she thinks she wants to be in relationship and I would improve and be a better man.
She replied with a "got your point, takecare and a smile". Of course she has not gotten over me. Will she come back?
Do I have any chances left?

Did she ever have a chance to miss you:Nope
How often did you hang out with your buddies:Negligible
Are you a CHALLENGE for her, do you intrigue her and make her work for your attention and respect:Sometimes
What about your own aspirations. Did they take a backseat for your girl:Exactly


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  • so when did u send this last text?


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