Ex has my festival ticket and I have stuff of hers but she ignores me?

I think this is an odd turn of events. Up until Monday we were having small talk until it got 'heated' and I said I would like to work on "us". She said she didn't want to. So I said ok, I don't want to be with someone who doesn't even admit their faults anyway. Hope you have a nice life X.

She angrily messaged me back saying that she still wants her stuff and the money for my festival ticket. I ignored that until yesterday. I said that I'd love to have given her vest back but I was sick.

Today I messaged her again. Saying I am doing a lot better now and would like to give her vest back if she still wants it before the festival starts. And if I could have my festival ticket too, because I am better now and would like to go there myself.
-Got completely ignored-.

Could anyone give me some insight into why anyone would do that? Doesn't she want her money plus vest back?


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  • I think when things heated up between the two of you, she just decided she wanted you outta her life, so she didn't even care anymore whether she got her money and vest back. Sounds like you two aren't getting along. Are you guys okay?

    • Well I don't really want to be friends with an ex, we make up or we move on. She made the decision to not make up. So then she chose for me not to be in her life anymore.

      What do women expect after breakup anyway? That the guys become some wuss that they can trample on? It's frustrating..

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    • Yes i guess that if it's mutual you might be able to stay friends. But the connection you have as 'lovers' is so strong, it just hurts to be downgraded.

      Hope you find a nice partner soon.

    • Thanks bro, and hope you find someone better too! It's just better to be friends sometimes, cause this way, you don't have to go through all the emotional stuff in a relationship.

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  • maybe she didn't see it yet? even if she didn't like u she'd respond, just in order 2 take her things back...


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