Why me? How to get over a bad break up?

I just got out of a very bad toxic relationship I findy self crying a lot even when I shouldn't. He lied about being in love with me, he's hit me, made every thing seem like it was my fault, never was man enough to own up for his own mistakes, stuck up on his ex, left me crying so many time , and worst of all left me for no reason, he sold things I bought for him, made me feel like I was crazy, called me out my name, he was selfish, and took me for granted. I tried to work it out with him, I've even begged him to stay but he just gave up on me, when I really should've should've gave up on him. I gave him everything, I gave him all my time , and love just to get nothing back. I still miss him because of the good memories but I realized the bad out weighed the good. I was always scared to move on because I thought I was never gonna find someone good enough for me and thought they'd use and abuse me. I'm just so hurt. How do I get over this? I'm so depressed.
And I'm so upset with myself that I stayed with him this long, that I let all this happen. I'm usually a high maintenance girl but I lowered my standards and got shit. Lesson learned.


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  • You just gotta realize not everyone you meet will be cast in his mold. Just because he was physically and mentally abusive doesn't mean all us men are. You just have to put it behind you and press forward, put there is a guy waiting fr you who will treat you as a lover would. It's just now that you have the experience from this last relationship you will know what signs to look for to avoid getting involved with someone like your ex again.


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  • I'm so sorry you went through all of this abuse... I too just got out of a situation where I was being used for sex, but wanted a relationship. It does hurt a lot...

    We're young and have our entire lives ahead of us. Work on bettering yourself and raising your self confidence back up. Take this as a learning lesson and a mistake to not repeat again. I understand that even though he was abusive, that you loved him. The guy I wanted treated me badly, but did not abuse me... just wasn't very nice to me, and I felt the same way about him.


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  • By having your friends, and us on GaG tell you that you did a good job leaving the guy...
    You must really put all the negative things on a list and realize that it wouldn't work out... you're free from the suffering
    There will be men who treat you the way you deserve to be treated

  • how could u miss such a dude? guess it'd b better 2 move on anyway, he doesn't deserve yer thoughts...


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