Guys, What can I take away from this conversation with my ex?

My ex broke up with me after three years. He said he was feeling trapped and needed out. There were no hard feelings but a lot of baggage remained. Because of this, after a few weeks we decided we should meet up and see if something develops however he was always not wanting to put a label on things and I felt mucked about. When we met up he would comment on how fit I had become, make me laugh, smile at me, look in to my eyes a bit longer than usual and wink at me now and again. I cannot tell if this is him being friendly, messing me around or if he may still genuinely like me. Recently I had been hearing that he likes another girl and so I asked him what this means for us however he flipped out and told me to tell him who had been saying this. In addition to this, when I said that it was ok if he did because things like that can happen and I said for example I have been asked out on a few dates already. As our friendship circle is the same he clicked that it must be someone he knows that would ask me so soon and also someone he knows spreading the rumours about him. I teased him and said that now we aren't together it's different and that I have no obligation to tell him. He acted all jokey and flirty about me not telling him because he said he just wanted to know who his real friends are. However I stuck to my word and did not tell him. He usually expects me to cave and say. He then said fine he would probably go to bed if I wasn't going to tell him so I just let him go whereas usually I would try and entice him to text more. I'm meeting him on Sunday and we are supposed to discuss if we could work. Do you think he is just pissed at me or he still likes me enough to want to date again?


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  • The only thing to take away from that is that it all sounds like a messy break-up.

    Dude kind of sounds like a waste of time to me. Did you accept any of those other date offers? That would be a positive step forward, I think. :)


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