My marriage with someone with bipolar disorder just ended. Is it normal to adapt some of their bipolar behaviours after?


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  • You can be inluenced to act more like him, but you can't actually obtain the disorder. I think it might be possible that you have had Bipolar disorder yourself all this time, and its only now starting to show clear symptoms. Because it sounds rather unlikely that you could adapt his behavior, because i am Bipolar myself, and people who are around me all the time never complain about acting like me. Not even my family.


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  • Yes. It's called "predictive behavior". I'm so sorry for your marriage ending, though. :(

  • Well, i have Bipolar so you've might of did yourself a favor
    by divorcing him but he could come back in vengeance
    or it might not even matter to him ,,

    • You could picked up some of his behaviors not too sure of that but a possibility

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