Guys, Why does my ex-boyfriend act the way he does?

A week ago my boyfriend and I broke up and it was a mutual decision. The reason for me was that I felt insecure about the relationship. Sometimes he was kind to me if I had not often seen him and saw him again. Otherwise behaves like he didn't love me a much. I always wondered if I didn't see him too much. But anyway a week ago I had enough and told him I wasn't feeling right in this relationship and he told me he felt the same so we broke up. But the weird thing is that since the break up he is like super nice to me and he haven't told anyone about it.. We go to the same school so there is this classmate who also have a girlfriend and he constant makes jokes about it and my ex never reacts or tell him we broke up. He also didn't tell his best friend at school who is also a friend of mine. He also still likes to hang out with me because he invite me to this party and bought my ticket for me. I don't really know what is going on in his mind but I still like him somehow and I'm really confused right now.

Also he still smiles at al my silly jokes and looks sometimes very long at me.


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  • It sounds to me that you two are not a good fit. Just move on and accept feeling bad for a while


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