He really likes me but doesn't want relationship?

So my boyfriend broke up with me saying he needed a week or two break. And I asked why and he said I need time to think about what type of relationship I want to be in right now. Then my guy friend texted him last night and my ex that's on a break thinks very highly of me. He like oh she's beautiful and caring and we are so good together. And all that stuff. But when my guy friend asked do u want to date her he said, not right now. So what is this supposed to mean I'm having a hard time understanding what he means.


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  • Just relax and live your life as teenager. Dating should be the last thing on your mind. Also at that age guys are so confusing... Have fun and forget about him a liitle while trust me, he will come running back. Lol and if not, you are still good... Your life is just beginning! All smiles...


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  • It just means that he doesn't want a relationship right now.


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