Hanging out with my ex: Does he still have feelings?

My ex boyfriend and I were together for 4 months but we didn't break up because it didn't work out, or because we fight or stop loving each other, it was mostly for distance at that moment any of us had a car and he felt that It wasn't the right timing to be with each other but that he wanted to be friends.. I thought I got over him, But after 3 months I'm living for summer in the same city that he lives and all his family is like we miss you girl, come visit us blabla, so I did, I went last Monday and Wednesday.. When I saw him all my emotions that I thought were dead, came back, at the beggining it was kinda awkward so he hang a little bit with me then he left, and an hour after his sister called him to take me back to my place and in less than 10 min he was there, when we got in my place he told me why didn't you stay we could have hang out a little longer and I said then why don't you turn around? and he did, we had such amazing night with his sister and best friend, he was acting all flirty and we laughed a lot, then he had to go and before that he gave me a hug but not one of those you give to your friends, but more like one of those you give to your girlfriend.. when I went Wednesday we have a great time too, and his sister always tried to leave us alone, but we would talk but he wouldn't try to do anything else I mean like kiss me or anything.. I mean I am confused yea he is the most respectful guy I have ever met and I don't know if he wants me back or only want to keep it like friends I don't even know if he still has feelings for me.. What do you think?

All his family wants us back together even his sister told me when we broke up that day he went to the bathroom and cry for like40 min.. Could you help me with any advice?


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  • it seems he likes u and he wants u back since he decided 2 stay da night as well..
    also this hug's a good sign but he didn't go for kissin coz he thought it'd b awkward actually, since u r not back 2gether atm in my opinion


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  • Yeah he does.


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