How do I get my ex to trust me again?

Okay I'll be brief, I was with my ex for 7 years almost, since a young age, I mean we weren't perfect but who is?
we have had our ups and downs and in the past we've broken before but rekindled our spark, anyway, about 5 months ago she was diagnosed with depression, and that brought me down until I saw a GP last week who also diagnosed me. I broke up with her because I was scared to talk to her about my depression and I didn't want to bring her down as a result of it. I just jumped ship and its the biggest regret of my life.
We started talking again and took things slow but she's gone away with her friends on holiday and one of her friends asked me if I was ok, we got talking and I explained that my biggest fear is that she would have a fling on holidau, she found out I said that and now doesn't trust me, she says she wants to be single, she's not the one night stand type of girl and it seems like she doesn't want to talk to me, I've tried the NC why she's away but it's so hard, all I think about is her and I want to make things right, I've explained it all to her and that I have depression which brought me down, but she says she can't see it working out. I'm trying my best not to contact her but I've just ordered flowers to her house for when she's home just to let her know I miss her like crazy and would do anything to get her back. I need advice on how to earn her trust and how to rekindle that spark again. I'm honestly lost. We were engaged and so happy together, I'm hoping this holiday will make her realise she misses me or she wanted to be single so she didn't have to worry about me whilst she's away. Please help
me guys/girls, what can I do? :( she's the love of my life. I know my mistakes and I've told her I want to make it right, support her and let her fall in love with me all over again, I know I did wrong and I accept that, I'm trying to change and hoping she sees the change whilst she's away, I know o shouldn't have spoken to her fr


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  • Become a better man, give her a reason to see you as a stability in her life. Personally you need to give her space, it isn't a good look being clingy and desperate. Just let her have some time to herself. Insecurity isn't a good thing. Also she feels like you don't trust her, like why are you thinking she would cheat. As well as talking to her friends is not good, if you had doubts you shouldv'e went to her. Can you really blame her, I would've been upset as well. Also you should know sometimes its not meant to be, I know you don't want to hear this. But maybe this is for the best. For I apparently feel that you have something to fix within yourself and not with her. If you don't know then look harder for all you doing is pushing her away. Good Luck.


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  • You were right to get rid of her. Your depression was real. Hers wasn't.


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