Can I keep my exes thing?

My ex moved out in May 2014. We went a few months without talking to each other and then we attempted reconcilation in Aug. Things were okay for a while, but he was begging me to move back in with him and not renew my lease. I told him that I'd renew my lease for 6 months and if he had proven that he has straightened himself out, I'd relocate. Well I guess he didn't like that answer and dumped me the final time in January of this year.

Since he moved out in May he left his washer, dryer, bed, book case and a couple of other pieces of furniture. I feel that he has had more than enough time to pick them up. We have a son together so we have to see each other. I also found out that my ex got married mid June. (sucks for me) When we exchange our son he acts like I am crap and like he wants nothing to do with me. Ironically back in April he started attempting to be nice to me again, but I think he knew that I was not going to allow for his behavior anymore and it'd take more than an I'm sorry. So anyone do you think I am well within my right to keep these things. I think he is trying to use my apt. as a storage and he really got p/o when I changed the locks in Feb. and he could no longer sneak in and do his laundry while I work.


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  • If he hasn't asked for them back. But technically, they're his property. If he ever did ask for them, you'd be better served to give them back. It's possible he knows and just doesn't care. Obviously he must have some equivalent.


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  • You can but, it wouldn't be very nice now, would it. What if you had given your ex, nudes, and then asked him to delete them, or to give them back to you, and he didn't. Wouldn't be very nice of him, would it...

    • well it has been over a yr, lol..

    • I'm just sayin'

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