How do I get my ex boyfriend to move on after our break up?

My ex-boyfriend won't leave me alone, we split up 6 months ago, and he keeps calling and texting me. I have tried telling him I don't think we should talk anymore because talking to me isn't helping, but he just gets either really upset and cries, or he gets really angry and tells me he's going to kill himself and I will be really sorry I ever finished with him!

We were together for 6 years so I can understand that he's upset its over, but to be honest the last 2 years of the relationship I spent trying to end things with him, and he would keep begging me to keep things going and give it another try. I just wasn't strong enough to make things final. Also he would lay on loads of guilt - "you can't finish with me now cos I don't have a job" or "you can't dump now me cos I don't have anywhere to live".

I just don't know what to do! I'm terrified that he will kill himself. A member of my family committed suicide over a relationship ending so I know that it is a very real possibility. I also genuinely do care about him. How do I help him move on?



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  • stop talking to him period. stop responding to texts or calls. change your number or block his if you have to. notify any friends or family members he has about his suicide risk and cut him out of your life completely. I know its hard but he is manipulating you and succeeding by the sounds of it.


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  • He's an ex. He's not your responsibility anymore and if he does off isn't your fault. You tell him one last time he has to move on then block his number.


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