Can exes live in the same apartment building?

I am looking to move into a new apartment complex and I noticed an opening is in the same building where my ex lives... I feel a little irritable just thinking about it. The area is very covenient, lesser crime and has a wonderful bus route with easy access to stores, parks and restaurants. I have talked to several friends about this situation and they said its manageable but I disagree. For my ex and I broke up over horrible circumstances (He also has a pass of mutiple personalites as in the tendency to be Dr. Jekyll/Mr. Hyde) as well he supposely cheated on me with a woman that still lives in that same building. (It was confirmed later by a friend, who knew of her.) But may I add that this was back in 2013 of July, when we last saw and dated eachother. Long story short he turned out to be not a man but an total ignoramus. I just want you guys opinions on, what would do in a situation like this and has this happen to you before or someone you knew... Thank You XOXO
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  • I say go for it he isn't part of your life anymore don't loose such a nice place for some one who isn't anything to you


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  • They can if they have the money to pay rent. They shouldn't... But that's not because they can't.


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