He won't let himself have me?

So I have known this guy for going on ten years. He is my best male friend and I am his best female friend. We have been through it all. About 2 years ago I started seeing my now ex who no longer wanted me talking to my friend. During the relationship with the ex I bought a house and had a baby. Now since we have broken up I am allowed to have my best friend back. We hang out about twice a week, and we act like we are dating. He has even met m daughter who completely loves him. I have always loved him and most likely I always will. He has hurt me in the past and I know he will again. We have started having sex again and that only makes things worse and more complicated. He always says that he loves me and that I am the most amazing person that he knows. But he is always telling me that he wishes that he could find someone like me who will treat him right. Its just so hard to be able to continue on without saying anything. Is there a way in which I can make him realize that we are supposed to be together? Everyone sees that he treated me different and that he acts differently around me. Anytime I call or text he gets a huge smile on his face and gets all giddy. His room mates tell me that they have never seen him act this way about a girl. They constantly ask me why he and I are not together. Unfortunately he doesn't want to lose me as a friend, What do I do to change this? I am so confused


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  • "He has hurt me in the past and I know he will again."

    "We have started having sex again"

    "we are supposed to be together"

    A bit contradictory, isn't it?


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