Why doesn't she miss me although I seemed to mean the world to her?

I recently broke up with my first girlfriend after more than 2 years of relationship. She hasn't sent me no message or try to get in contact although while we were together she said I was the best thing that happened to her =( . I won't text her because i'm always the one who does and tries to save our relationship, trying to fix things and the last time (every time) I did she was heartless and carefree, when I told her she had ruined my life because I can't get her off my mind she didn't give a F***. We broke up because she was immature and didn't not know how to act in a relationship.

-She didn't tell anybody about us but asked to meet my mom which she did and she liked knowing I talked to my family about her when she won't even talk to her friends about me
-At school we were complete strangers
-She acted single, she let other guys kiss her (on the cheek) while she didn't pay me any attention when we saw each other at school but by text message i'm her everything (I find that very disrespectful)
-She could be jealous but I couldn't (When she thinks i'm to close to a girl she gets mad and I change that but when she's really close to a guy instead of me she says it's only "friendship")

P. s I'm shy and not a social person so I can't go out and meet girls and I don't really have friends.
She's usally invited by her friends to some kinda of event


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  • You're too good for her. I hope you find someone who will treat you like your the only thing that matters to them, in public and behind closed doors. Good luck. :)


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  • She does miss you.


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  • Well you did tell her to leave, why would she want to come back? This relationship was doomed due to both parties involved not being sufficiently mature.

    • I never told her to leave, I tried to fix our situation multiple times while she didn't seem to care were the relationship was going. She pushed me away

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    • I'm not asking her to come back the question was "Why doesn't she miss me although I seemed to mean the world to her?". After more than 2 years of relationship you're just going to act like it never happened and move, not show any signs of remorse and stop caring about the person the second after? How can she do that that's what l don't understand

    • I guess your break up is a result of precedent events.

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