Guys, ex still gets mad if im around other people? He's so confusing?

My ex of a yr broke up with me exactly two weeks ago. He broke up with me cus I have a guy friend that i would go to if he ignored me or was not giving me the shoulder to cry on that i needed. And nothing more This really bothered him but he didn't make much effort to keep it from happening.
On the night of the brake up he was ignoring my calls text the whole day. So i txted him accusing him of being with someone else He texed me back saying he wasn't and he was working with his boss (witch was most likely true) and he didn't text me back agian so later that night i told txted him saying " if u won't care for me, ill stay the night with someone who will "I knew this would hit him hard. It wasn't true i just wanted his attention and love. A second later he texted me "seriously". I didn't respond. Then 10min later he texted me" u know what thats exactly why i didn't want h having guy friends. U wanna stay with somone else cus i didn't answer then we are done".. :c
I did everything i could to take my statement back calls, text voicemails etc.. I messed up

So still its been two weeks he hasn't said anything to me over text calls or fb messages. BUT what he has been doing is commenting on my fb post saying stuff like "i knew u where still hanging out with them" "i never turned my back" and "knew u would still hang with them and you wonder y" and he has been likin every single thing i post.

My question is, why is he still saying stuff like this if he won't even talk to me? Why is he commenting and still getting mad about me being with other people if he broke up with me? Is he just mad and needs to blow off steam? Is he jus hurt and angry? Im very hurt :c

Ps. he's ultimately talking about any guy friend of mine. But these guys have a wife or girlfriend that im very close to. Witch is really why i even hang around them. I have no interest in them in that way. He knows that. We love each other but have a lot of ups and downs


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  • It's because he's still a bit hurt inside, and has trouble letting you go and moving on COMPLETELY.
    If you're able to move on, this shouldn't be able to get you 'angry or really sad'
    Then it'd be more like a "ok, good for her"


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  • Maybe he's right on the money about you. Crying on your "man friends" shoulder? I would have said peace out too. It's kinda sad he's not able to get over it though.

  • Girl there's no such thing as guy friends, every guy wants to get in your pants, at least that's how it is from your bf's perspective.


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