Why do I keep experiencing this?

For at least over a week, I've been constantly telling myself things like being with my (now ex) is not loving or respecting myself or even talking to him. I haven't been feeling good about him and I dated him for 2 weeks even though I thought I had no interest in him. I broke up with him because he only wants sex and doesn't care about anything except for my looks and sex. And of course he was trying to trick me and texting me over and over again for several days and I think he just stopped. I've noticed that he makes me nervous, irritated, angry and annoyed and such. But, I couldn't sleep last night and I didn't know why. Then I had a dream about him and I haven't had my mind focus on him a lot. And now all the sudden I care more. And laying down I got this feeling and felt different. Why?


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  • You sound like you got it figured out... this might just be booty calls. Confusing lust with something else? Probably.

    • Booty calls and I'm confusing it with something else?

    • Your question is not a 100% clear. You had a change of heart about sleeping around? You dated him for 2 weeks. This is probably not enough time to build a relationship, so at first it's just purely infatuation and lust. This is common. When people give in to this sort of lifestyle it sort becomes a trend afterwords that's hard to escape from... hence, women that complain that there's no good men out there. It's uncommon to find someone that wants what you want... you are a rare individual.
      I think you made a wise choice though. You respect your body and it sounds like you have good values.

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  • let some weeks pas by see how u feel if u miss him that much get to him. and if u see he is interested in sex, girl please forget him you will have sex with him next day he poofs outta ur life ^.^
    Make Decision wisely. If u miss him its something else its just feelings girls get when they loose someone who knows that guy is having fun with another girls or no

  • To be clear. Have you had sex with this man. If so, was the sex (aside from everything else) good. And, are you heavily physically attracted to him?

    • I haven't had sex with him. And I guess I'm somewhat physically attracted to him now but it's not crazy. And I'm not crazy about sex, I don't constantly think about it. It's not a priority to me

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