Girls, Shy girls only, if you regretted the break up would you reach out to your ex?

Simple question, if you broke up with your ex and regretted the break up, would you reach out to him?

If not would you expect him to or would you use friends?


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  • Usually a NO breakups are final but..

    Depends, on why I cut contact with him.

    If I felt like it was something that was his fault that led me to want to leave. Then I would expect him to contact me

    If I had the urge to contact him, if I thought he had wronged me in any way I would ignore it. Because I would think I'm basically setting myself up to get hurt again.

    It's hard enough coming out of my shell as a shy person but coming out in then feeling betrayed. Will have me running fast

    I probably wouldn't bring any third parties into it unless we had really close mutual friends but still maybe not "I like my privacy and I'm not good with expressing feelings"

    Maybe a third party is necessary though as mediator just until you two are cool enough to handle it.

    If I was wrong though I'd definitely apologize
    Chances are though she probably doesn't think she's wrong, so you'll have to do the reaching.

    • She thinks she's completely wrong. She told me it should be Her who takes the blame for being unfair.

    • That sounds like her reaching out to you
      If she told you all that

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  • If I regretted, I would. No using friends, no cocky games, just straight forward to the point.

  • To me, if my ex really cared he would reach out to me. But then again he was the one who broke up with me lol.

  • I've never second guessed or regretted about a breakup


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