So I just found out my ex has a new girlfriend, we were together for 6 years, how could he move on so quickly?

Before you start telling me "why do I care" "the relationship is over" and so on. We were together for 6 years!!! And we lived together for 5 years, that's a long time. So I need some closure because we don't even talk anymore, we used to be best friends and always said if the relationship ended we would remain friends. We broke up in March, and he's been dating this girl for almost 2 months. I'm the one who ended it, but at the same time how could move on to another relationship, he acts like he didn't even care, so in my mind I'm thinking he never even cared about the relationship or me. Or is this a way of him coping? We both thought we were gonna get married and have kids, but we had problems. I'm just trying to move forward and get closure. I don't know what to think, about how he is acting.


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  • I am going to assume that this new relationship has been in the works for some time.
    She must be eager to snatch him up and she's whispering into his ear all the things he wants to hear. You should have noticed a change in his behavior around you.

    But now that we are at this point I can only advise that you make peace with this unfortunate outcome and move forward. Hopefully after the fallout of this broken relationship there will be something left saved; an amiable re-friending.

    I wish I had been able to speak to you 5-6 years ago, before you moved in together. I have stated this before and I would have urged you to not to move in with a guy unless you're already engaged to be married.

    While a broken heart takes time to heal, at your young age all is not lost. You have time to begin many new relationships. Take what lessons you have learned from this and get back in the game. Choose wisely and don't move in with a guy until there's a ring on your finger!


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  • Some people move faster than the others. Just take your own pace and you'll eventually get over him soon enough

    • He got over a 6 year relationship in one month? People move on, but not that quickly. I'm just trying to understand, because I don't want to hate him or become bitter.

    • Perhaps something was happening during the relationship

  • I'll bet 20 bucks its a rebound relationship.

    • That's what I was thinking, He's the type of guy who needs to be in a relationship. I'm getting over the break up, and I'm not trying to get a rebound because I don't want to hurt anyone if I'm emotionally unstable.

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