Ex boyfriend help please?

My ex left me 4 months pregnant. July20th of last year to be exact. Since then all has happened. We had a child obviously, and fought like crazy afterwards. I had told him to f off and that I hated him. Lost all contact. Wouldn't see him, someone else dropped off our son or picked him up for me. He gets ahold of one of our mutual friends and tells them he can't get ahold of me to please have me call. So I text him. He wanted to sit down and talk. We hashed out things over about the fighting. We ended up sleeping together and still are. He has said he doesn't want me to get the wrong impression. So we just ****. The other night was his birthday. He was having a big party. I was invited to a grad party so went and went vae hopping with a girlfriend. 11 o'clock that night he is texting me whats up? So I am confused. I don't know if these are good signs or not. He knew I was going out, and he had his party. Why is he texting me?


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  • I'm very confused, he left you while you were pregnant and as soon as you get together to talk, you had sex with him. Where's the self respect and why would you put on that situation to become his booty call?

    • Not sure the answer to that. I love him and want things to work out. We were talking daily up until I went out with a friend the other night. He came over the day after and I haven't seen or heard from him since. Just hopeing we could try to work things out.. .

  • He wanted to know whether you're going to drop by the party or not

    • He never invited me though. You don't think he is second guessing his decision in breaking up with me do you? Or is he trying to keep me on the back burner for a booty call?

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