My ex facebooked me, is it coincidence or did he see me?

Me and my boyfriend broke up over a month ago, he felt bad because he was unemployed and couldn't afford to take me out on dates and pick me up because he didn't have a car, he's 18 by the way. But Ofcourse this made me sad, he broke up with me so he could get his shit together without me being a distraction. The last time we spoke was a two weeks ago and let's say it wasn't the most interesting conversation. There was no flirting no spark nothing so I ended the conversation thinking we were completely done and that we would never get back together so I gathered my strength and tried moving on. He has recently got a job and is working towards buying a car, so today I was at a friends house which is round the corner from my ex's i hadn't been there in a while and forgot to remember she lived that close to him. I ended up having to walk past his place because my ride came too late. I walked past with my bestfriend and she obviously was eyeing up the place and I for one was covering my face trying to hide and sneak past. She told me the window was open and the blinds were raised and he is always in the living room from what I remember. Almost 10 minutes later I get a fb messages from him saying "hey" what does it mean. Did he see me and did it make him miss me? Or do u think it was just coincidence


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  • It's obvious that he saw you.

  • Just coincidence.

    • So you don't think he saw me walking past his window?

    • Do you think he misses me?

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