Should I try to get him back?

my boyfriend and I broke up a week ago. I still really like him and think that we will probably date again. but should I be fighting for him to show him that I really care?


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  • No don't.

    It'll just make yourself look patheitc and desperate.

    If he wants to get back together with you, then he'll let you know. But it depends on who broke up with who. If you broke up with him, and he says he wants to get back, then do so. But if he broke up with you, and ur still fighting to stay together, itll just make yourself pathetic. Give the guy some space, and maybe within a month or so, he'll relized how much he misses you, and he'll wanna start dating.

    This happens to me all the time, and its the guys that wanna come back.


    But don't be oblivious about it, just show little signs, and within weeks to a month, he'll come crawling, or sobbing (you never know lol) back too you. :)

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