He cheated on his girlfriend with me.

I really liked this guy and he cheated on his girlfriend with me. plus she cheated on him. so I spent the night with him. after everything happens he starts to sound like he regrets everything. but he says he doesn't he just f***ed up he says. that whole night all we did was kiss and talk about how we wanted our relationships to be. so eventually we both wanted the same thing. this is all out of order, after all this ^ he took me home and now he won't date me because I'm a virgin.


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  • He's a player and will tell you whatever you want to hear to get in your panties. You being a virgin is probably a turnoff to him because you would be more likely to get emotionally attached, which is the last thing a player wants.

  • If he cheated with you, He will cheat on you.

    • 100%. he's not worth it. at all. especially since he decided he doesn't want to be with you because you're a virgin...

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