Best way to end a fwb?

I'm trying to think of how to tell him in a nice way. I don't want it to get ugly and I don't want to do what I would probably normally do, which is the "disappearing act" because it's just rude. Do I lie about seeing someone else even if there isn't? Not sure I want to be honest either. I don't want a relationship with him but I have some feelings and I don't want to invest in something that will blow up in my face anyways. I went in this arrangement with low expectations and I didn't think I'd actually like him as a person.


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  • Just say it's not something you want any more... is there a reason a guy can't accept an honest answer

    • My pride. I don't want him to know I like him. I know immature.. But like I said, I don't want a relationship with him so I don't want to bring up the feelings conversation.

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    • I like the phrasing of that.
      Thank you.

    • Np glad I can help

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