Married a truck driver over the road I loved him and what he did for a living?

Never wanted to be together all the time did not want a clingy marriage so 6 months after we married he decided to not to do over the road work and be home more I said why he got mad I hurt his feelings it wasn't that I didn't want to see him I just didn't think it was fair to change careers like that without talking with your wife first I did not sign up for a stay at home husband was I wrong for saying why and hurting his feelings


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  • he did it for u actually i believe... did u tell him be4 he shouldn't stop his career?

    • I know he did and no I did not didn't think I needed to would not have told him to quit anyway if it was something he wanted just that he could have included me in the choice he knew I liked what he did and it gave us space

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  • It's not fair.


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  • can i make a voice recording of your question and put it on the internet? i love it when people can't construct coherent sentences, it's funny


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