After 2 years, I told him I couldn't take it anymore?

In those 2 years, he never took me anywhere. When I asked him to take me out for my birthday, he didn't do it. He said he was busy, but when his cousins or friends wanna go out he goes with them. I am emotionally tired. I don't wanna try anymore. I tired of him disrespecting me. I never knew trying to make something work was so exhausting. Was I wrong for telling him I couldn't take it anymore?


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  • Maybe he was busy for some reason... but for two years... hmm... I'm not sure... just try talking about this with him and if he says he doesn't have time even for that... time to take a decision..

    • 2 years though and he never even tried

    • well that's a problem... For the last time just you try taking him out... its not the rule but pull him off and go for just a simple walk and check if he is serious about you... if not... you. can move on..

    • He won't talk about anything serious. He always change the subject

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  • I agree with your decision. If you don't mind me asking, what did he say or do when you told him you couldn't take it anymore?


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  • Not at all. You did the right thing, and now can begin looking forward to a better future.

  • He wouldn't go out with you on your special day? Wow... yeah you need someone better

    • Yes and I still can't shake that feeling

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