I'm desperate. What should I do?

My boyfriend is leaving me, but I'm trying to convince him not to. Thing is, he's being extremely cold and doesn't want any contact anymore.
He's the only thing I care about in my life. I've struggled with depression and other problems during the years. If he leaves me, I'll probably end my life.
I'm desperate. I don't know how else to convince him. I feel like telling him my plans if he decides to leave me. What should I do?


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  • Let him go, sweetie, as hard as it Is for you and probably very 'Hard' on him as well. He probably is booking because of your issues and he cannot and does not want to Contend with them.
    Please, find a family member, a true friend that you can turn to. By you being desperate and clingy for your not so Better half to stay, will only chase him further away and make things worse.
    Give him time, space, give yourself even more of this and go find some help in which you can get back on the right track and handle a relationship in the future, should you... Find Mr. Right someday along the way.
    Good luck and blessings. xx

    • Thank you, sweetie, for allowing me to lend a helping hand with the man... I hope all is well and again, my blessings.:)) xxoo

    • Thank you so much! I'm finally moving on, and already feeling a bit better. Good luck for you too!

    • Oh, wonderful, sweetie, and with this... Enjoy your weekend! Thank you so much, smiling ear to ear, dear.:)) xxoo

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  • your plans?

    I think your depression plays a big role in your need to keep this guy. you feel like without him you aren't anything or you feel like you'll be lonely. the fact is if you have friends, family and loved ones in your life you're never alone. you're 18-24 so you have plenty of time to find a person to be with so there is no sense it doing something rash. no relationship is worth hurting yourself over

  • whoa wait... don't say things like dat "i'll end my life"
    if he leaves u better try 2 understand there r more guys beyond him, and if he;'s actin cold and distant then it's not yer fault... don't worry.

    • Yeah, it is a bit harsh. But it's all I've been thinking. I really have no reason to live if he's not by my side. I have a very hard time letting people in my heart, and he made it in a way there's no way out.

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    • They care about me, but for some reason I couldn't care less about them. The only person who got in my heart was him.

    • awwww thaat's sad... hope u'll change yer mind :(

  • Please don't do that, don't make him feel bad about himself for your actions. Just accept he wants out of the relationship.

    There are much worse things to get depression over. I haven't had a girlfriend before and I can tell you going through the process of suicide is the most horrible feeling in the world. Words cannot describe the shock and trauma it puts on you.

  • Thats a fucked up situation you should talk with your bf!!

    • He won't talk to me. He doesn't answer my calls, I send him long texts telling him how I feel and he replies "we're done" or "I don't care anymore". And a few days ago we were doing great.

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    • I wish I could. We had a break a while ago (we've been together for over a year) and it only made me even more depressed and obsessed with him.

    • For sake of yourself i will say try to move on indulge yourself in work or some activity

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  • Jeez... it's only a guy. There are like millions of others. Ones who'll like you back, not just be with you because you guilt them into it saying you'll kill yourself if he doesn't. Even then, what else? He doesn't want you, he's not happy, he'll just cheat instead and find a girl he's happy with. Don't put your everything into man. Like wtf. That's what you should be putting into yourself.


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