Stay friends or no?

I was seeing this lady who is older than I am (34) and has a daughter (13). It was supposed to be just physical but along the way she started to ask for more and I gave in because she was really sweet and caring. Eventually we both fell in love. But now she wants more and wants to start a family but she doesn't think I'm ready or I should even though I told her I am. She ended things emotionally/physically but really sees me as a dear friend and wants us to stay friends but that's hard for me. And the honest truth is she doesn't have family/friends here she moved here three years ago and I'm her first genuine friend she made. I feel bad if I stop being friends with her but my feelings would be hurt being her friend especially since she'd be seeing other guys. What to do?
And please say why you think we shouldn't stay friends


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  • It's so very hard to be friends or even More in store with someone who has baggage.
    In your case, she felt it was the Mature thing with no fling and with You, she used her judgement in you Both... Wants us to stay friends.
    I don't feel you are too young at all to take on the difficult task. However, with her being older, she knew best and is doing what she Also feels is 'Best' for her and her beloved one.
    You can hang in there and see what may happen down the love line. With you and her staying friends, maybe to the end, it could just result in this, with no kiss, and you Continuing to have your hopes up too high and a broken heart.
    Of course she would be 'Seeing other guys' and with hanging in there or not, she may just go ahead and live her life as She pleases being you two would have set an agreement of No ties.
    If you feel it might be too much, then back off, tell her you feel you can't do this and move on. She may or may not change her mind.
    However, a bit more on a positive note, if you continued to see her as a friend, she might Then Eventually... See you as someone different because you would have then swept her off her feet.
    Good luck. xx

  • Don't stay friends.


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