Have ever been with a current boyfriend but weren't sure if you wanted your ex back

ladies I want to know if you have ever been with a current boyfriend but weren't sure if you wanted your ex back who you still talk to and hang out with sometimes what could your ex have done to steal you away from ur current boyfriend what could he have done to sweep you off your feet and leave ur new boy friend


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  • Are you trying to get an ex girlfriend back from her new boyfriend?

    • Yes I am we are still close we hang out she texts me and tells me she heard sogns that remind me of her on the radio she flirts a lot with me I want to win her back I'm trying to think of something really special that she couldn't resist

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    • If you can't handle the responses you get don't bother posting in the first place. I'm sorry you can't handle your owns life decisions without the aid of others. You left a post and I left how I felt That's how this works, If you don't like it. Then don't do it.

      I didn't tell you that she likes you or not, She may still. The point is she's trying to move on. Just because you like someone doesn't mean their right for you, and trying to move on may be hard. Even harder if they're trying to get you back.

    • U don't read if you don't like the question move on but to not asnwer the ? at all and instead act like you know the situation is just a waiste of both of our times so just keep ur answers to what the question was that's all thanks

  • first what's the reason you guys broke up?


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