My Ex has my head spinning lol is she doing things to make me think of her? or does she not care?

To start things off, things were going great. Then right before summer and her birthday she flipped and wanted to end things because she wasn't "mentally ready for a relationship". I was so confused I panicked, the worse thing I couldve done. So for two weeks after the "breakup" we kept contact a little but I felt her becoming more and more distant. So I didn't message her for a week to see if she would text me, she never did. So I deleted her from social media after seeing an instagram of some dude she used to mess with and swore she never wanted to see him, also she deleted me on snapchat. Right away I felt that was an immature move on my behalf. So after taking some time to get control of my emotions I wrote her on fb, and apologized for deleteing her and sending another request, saying i needed some time to clear emotions out of my head. well she denied that request as well as the instagram one... but she continues to follow me on instagram. She read the message on facebook but I haven't heard anything from it seems like ages. I still want to be with her and care very much about her. I'm just lost on what is going on and how to approach things. I know I was over reacting and maybe still am adn she's just hurt by me unfollowing her and unfriending her... I dont know... so please feed back would be amazing, especially from females.


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  • She doesn't care.


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  • No, you weren't over-reacting. She said she wasn't ready but that was a lame an dishonest excuse. In reality, she was ready to move on and she has done that. There is a difference between the fantasies about her that you have in your head and the reality of who she really is. Cutting ties with her was the right thing and now you need to write the final chapter on that book (which is, "What I Learned From That Experience") and move on.

    Good Luck!


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  • If a girl doesn't text you after a week and is ignoring you it's really best to let her go and move on to better things because there's nothing you can do. Girls are cruel on that level when a girl decides to forget you there's no way out

  • Date a new girl... And forget this girl. I promise you when she will see you with the new girl she will come back desperately to you. .. change the game dude...

    • already doing that lol
      i said fuck it adn started looking other women to waste the time lol

    • Yup that's good...😊

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