If you were to cry 5 months after running into your ex does that mean they aren't over you?

Parents made her leave me they hated me. I ran into 5 months later she seemed fine then randomly started getting teary eyed in the middle of the n conversation. This mean she isn't over me?


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  • if she didn't break up with you for her own reasons, then she probably never stopped having feelings fo you. have you contacted her since? maybe that would be a good thing... if you are stil interested/available.

    • She broke up with me it got toxic. She ended contact. At one point this girl was crazy about me I don't know if she still is. Impossible to read. We had to sneak around all the ti me and her whole side hated me..

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  • "Getting over someone" is a process that may take several years, especially the first time you are in love or after a prolonged relationship or marriage. Someone can move on but still be in the process.

    On occasion, I still cry about my divorce when I think about how badly I was hurt by my wife's betrayal of me and our marriage. Those tears do not mean that I want her back in my life. I expressed my feelings quite clearly when I walked out of our final divorce hearing, turned to her and said, "Return to Hell, demon!"


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