Have you ever dumped someone and then regretted it?

How long does it take guys to feel regret if they're going to feel it at all? And is it possible to regain their interest? For example, he lost interest because I gained a lot of weight, since the breakup I've dropped close to 30 pounds.


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  • Nah it's usually the other way around and yes there was some that have regret in the past and tried to make the relationship work again. Unfortunately, it still didn't work out in the end


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  • This might sound a bit harsh, but if he broke up with you because you gained a lot of weight... He probably wasn't after you, but instead after your body. I'd say the same for someone who weighed 500lbs, and gained 100lbs of it since they got together, or if it was someone who weighed 100lbs, and gained 50lbs since they got together.

    The whole point of a relationship is to love each other for who you are. The mistakes and all. What if you get back with him, and you are constantly worried about your weight? Or, if you get back with him and you gain the weight back? If he lost interest because of something of that nature, he's going to loose interest again.


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  • the question in your case would be: if your weight was the reason, why did you not lose it, while you were still together?


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