Break-Up and Sex! I need help now!

I went out with this guys for 2 months everything was cool with had a lot of chemistry we had sex but then we had about 3 fifth he said that we where very different because of the age and other stuff! We still friends Now we said tat we radar wanted as a friends that nothing! But we when out and we had sex but he still said that he is confused I don't know what to do now because I don't want to get hurt


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  • It sounds like he wants to be his way now. I don't know why he feels that way but there must be something you can put your hands on, isn't there? You need to ask him what he's confused about in a non-threatening way. He needs to give you a reason so that you have something to go on. You have to keep asking until he gives you a reason... the real reason! Once you know, then maybe you can work it out, and hopefully you can. Unless you know exactly what it is, you won't be able to keep from getting hurt. Maybe it's a misunderstanding. Maybe there's another girl involved. But there is a reason and it's not just that he's confused. That's too general. Maybe he needs some freedom... like he didn't realized when he started dating you that he'd be tied down to you. He might not be ready for a steady relationship. Maybe now that he's had sex with you it's not so special anymore. So right now, you have to just ask him to level with you and tell you what's bothering him, okay? You deserve an answer... the right answer. Just don't feel you have to make a bunch of concessions to keep him. That would never be a good idea. Good luck.


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