Why is it so hard to just let karma do her work?

Karma has proven herself time and time again but it's like its not enough. I want my ex husband to suffer more and hurt more than he has. I know its cruel but I feel soooo vindictive but hurt at the same time. What can I do? I hate feeling this way. I keep letting it go sort of and then he keeps coming up with reasons why we should be together again.


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  • Because you are adicted to the feeling of renvege, you are civtim of those feelings and you can't control it, because you are not taking a step back and watching yourself in this moment, your are not angry, you are the anger right now, but in real you and the anger can be apart, just colse your eyes, and see yourself having this feeling, feel it, experience it but dont loose yourself in the proces, I AM HERE; AND I AM THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME; BUT THIS IS HAPPENING TO ME, IM NOT THIS, I DONT LIKE THIS... I HAVE TO ACEPT THIS FEELING BECAUSE IS TRUE, AND I FEEL THIS.. BUT I DONT WANT TO SUFFER MORE... I WANT TO BE FREE OF IT...


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  • Focus on your own healing. Picking at that wound won't help. Do what you can to cut off contact and don't let him wedge his way back into your life if you don't want him there. I don't know the specifics (or even the generals) of your situation, but if it's bad enough, you might consider a restraining order.


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