Girls, a little help on this one, Can you give me some insight on whats going through her head... please? what would be going through your minds?

To speed things up to date... obviously we broke up, we kept contact via text for a couple weeks. I stopped talking to her because she was getting irritated trying to balance how I felt and how she felt. I reached out after a week and she was doing fine but I kinda figured she didn't want to talk at that moment. Up to this point we still were friends and followed each other on FB and IG. She posted a picture of her being with a dude she used to mess with before she met me with a caption of dalliance, I looked it up and everything seemed wrong. so I unfollowed her on IG and unfriended her on FB. This way I can have me time and get my head clear that way whenever I spoke to her it wouldn't be out of emotion but thought. Now, tonight I go tinvited by a friend from school, who she knows I have no feelings for, and another guy friend. when I show up she had brought some of her gfs with her. My guy friend was running late and as usual I called him out on IG for it. The picture itself wasn't intended to have any meaning or to get back at my ex. however, the pitcure had like 3 girls in it. So, shortly after posting it, she unfolllows me on IG. Now earlier she was actin glike she didn't care about anything and then does this... why? is she jealous or angry? or some other mixed emotion? I figured Id wait a few weeks before contacting her at all especially after this. I honeslty do want her back but it seems everything I've done up to this point makes things worse...


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  • Just because two people Break up Doesn't mean they can't and don't Make up and that it's Good-bye, my love forever. And with Two "EX" who still Mark an X in one another's hearts, there is going to come a time, down the love line When... She is jealous and angry.
    You both are these Supposed 'Friends' here, dear. This means that although you both had history and no mystery to your Before Relationship, there Is... Territorial tumultuous problems that were Not left behind and she is using them in a chance for romance.
    I feel, for this could even be a new Break up, that you are Both too close to the sticky situation and either lay some ground rules or it will always be a "Unfollowed her on on IG and unfriended her on FB."
    Good luck. xx

    • are you saying you think its over or you think she might still want something?
      what do you mean by territorial tumultuous problems... using them in a chance for romance? elaborate please.
      I'm aware that we need some ground rules and better understanding of each other.
      I want things to work out for the best either it be we go separate ways or not, i just want some closure.
      and i dont want it to be about who unfriended who or unfollowed who. i did what i did to clear my head.

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    • lol... I think she is just mad and do not think it is over... if you do hear from her again, which I think you will, you can expect much of the same.. do some soul searching and decide how you want to deal with her should she return with her burn. xx

    • well yea i bet she is lol are you saying you dont think its over or you saying you dont think she thinks its over? lol
      i was pissed when i saw her picture but stepped back and realized we weren't together
      wait if she comes back around, shell still be disgruntled? lol
      oh i am. i met a lady with similar interest as me, but if she returns which one do i burn lmao
      the new one or burn the first one for a second time? lol

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  • Y'all are playing too many games.

    • I know. I want it to stop lol
      do i just hit her up and be straight up about things? lol

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    • Ahh. I know people out that way. My sister-in-law was living in California after Hurricane Katrina wiped us out. She moved back after a few years while her family stayed. Some of them wound up moving to Utah. I also have some friends in Cali.

    • no kiddin'
      yea its a nice place to visit

  • she is trying to make you jealous

    • well i got that part
      but why would she get jelly if i posted with other people i just met? lol

    • Well, whether it is just met or long enough, girls get jealous at the sight of seeing their guy with other girls, if they like him for themselves.

    • hmmm interesting... even if they act like they dont care? thats fcking stupid excuse my language but seriously?

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