He said he didn't care about me, so I broke up with him. Now he says I'm the reason he's sick. Please help?

After I broke up with him he became sick. His blood pressure and heart rate was up. So he went to doctor and his blood pressure was extremely high. He say I stressed him out. Why did breaking up with him cause his blood pressure and heart rate to rise, when he say he don't care about me?


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  • Sounds like major bullshit to me, I advise you to be careful and maybe stay away. You don't tell people that you don't care about them because of blood pressure, also he said that you stressed him out, so he even gives you the fault. Do you want that?

    • No I don't wanna be the reason why he is sick, but what did he expect? He said he didn't care about me. I was tired of wasting my time on him. I knew he took anxiety pills but the breakup shouldn't have hurt him that bad.

    • I think looking at the events he was the cause of your breakup and thereby also the cause of his own sickness, if the breakup even was the reason. Don't give yourself the fault, I'm sure he just wants to make you feel bad about yourself.

    • Yes he was. He has this I don't care attitude and it sucks. When I truly to talk to him about it, he changed the subject.

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  • He Obviously Cares More than he is Admitting, and when he Openly Admitted he 'Became sick,' he also filled you in all the gory details so he could have you ride his pity wagon and make you feel guilty for Why... I broke up with him.
    Who really knows if he is telling you the truth here, dear. However, I find it a bit flattering that he would go to all the trouble, whether he did go see a doctor or not, to let you know, with just his Actions speaking louder than words That... He Does care more than you know.
    People say things when in the heat of anger, which is maybe why you dumped him. And of course, it could be many other things that are not etched in stone but perhaps when things cool down, you both can talk it out.
    Good luck. xx

    • I think he do actually like me more than he's putting on to. But he is so confusing, I don't know what to do. On one had I feel bad because he's sick, and on the other I'm just tired of putting up with his I don't care attitude.

    • Many of today's toms Are sporadic and unpredictable and very confusing. However, other reasons for breaking it off with him was you just had it, I am sure. It sounds like a full circle pattern and if he should get back with you, set down some rules and stick to them, or forever, send him walking with papers in hand. xx

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  • He's looking for somebody to blame. How can it be your fault he doesn't care about you and breaks up with and that be your fault when his blood goes top heavy!! Wish him well and move on to a sensible guy... there really are some of us out there.

    • That's what I don't understand. Since he said he didn't care about me, how did I stress him out. I just don't get it.

  • I guessed he has troubled emotions. He likely has strong feelings for you that somehow got overrided by his apathy. If he is not lying, be there for him to try to restore him to normal.

    • Yes and he takes anxiety pills on top of that.

  • leave him... he is a whiner! He is immature. He blames others for his life...

    • Yes he do whines a lot.

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