Should I shut my ex out of my life for good?

He broke up with me almost 5 months ago and he did so through a text saying he didn't love me and didn't want to be with me and it broke my heart but I decided to just move forward but he then contacts me to say sorry and that he loves me but couldn't be with me and hung up. I texted him asking if he was sure that's what he wanted.

so we went a month without talking because I told him I never wanted to speak to him. But then he starts contacting me again. And just a month ago he acts like he wants to be with me then changes his mind, and now talks as just a friend. I want to move on


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  • He sounds confused and a bit disturbed. Shut him out for good and don't look back. He isn't worth the tears you cried for him.

    He's not your friend, because if he was, he wouldn't be playing games like this with you, and I think you deserve much, much better than this clown.

    Move on and if he finds a way to get in touch with him after you've blocked him, just tell him you've had enough of his bullshit and you're done, and that's all you need to say, period, end of story.

    Good luck and good riddance, too!

    • He said he wanted to be friends but I know he's not my friend. Also when I text or call him he never answers but when he texts me or calls and if I don't answer he will text again or keep calling. I do need to block otherwise I will not be able to move on. Thanks for the help 😊

    • I know a few people just like him, and I simply find it amusing. Their life on their terms, and nothing else beyond that matters much.

      Yes, block his ass (which you shouldn't have to, but since he's forgotten he's an adult) and I'm glad you're moving on.

      You're very welcome and I wish you the best of luck.

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  • wait wait.. seems like he's seein u as a friend now, after goin no-contact... so l8r u might end up again being 2gether... there's still a chance!

  • I'm afraid you're on speed dial when his new life goes wrong. You're probably better off moving on.

  • Absolutely you should

  • No i dont think that that is gonna work

  • Selfish detected he goes he... comes back


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