Can someone please help me here :/?

First off let me start off by saying that prior to this relationship I have confessed my love constantly to this girl for 3 years! to prove my love to her. She constantly rejected me because she told me she didn't want to be in a relationship. First she said because she still had feelings for her ex (beginning of the confessiong period) and then she just told me she didn't want a relationship. Over the years I grew closer to this girl because she was slowly letting me in.

Fast forward we started "talking" and dating. I broke the ice by kissing her lips, and she let me. Fast forward, we got in a first argument because she was talking to a guy who had a crush on her, and she stated that he was just a friend and told him that we were talking. Although she kept talking to him. Fast forward, we made it official and started dating. Fast forward to a month after, we broke up because she kept talking to that guy even though I told her I didn't like it so she chose her "friend" over me... fast forward I moved on for a month and she comes back to me telling me that she was dying to talk to me, and she wanted to make up, and she was sorry because she was wrong. I told her to work for it and prove it to me she was real to me, and she did so I gave her another chance. Fast forward I dumped her because she hid things behind my back and lied to me about things. After she promised she wouldn't do that the things she lied about. Fast forward 3 months later she comes back to me again telling me she was wrong and to forgive her, I gave in. Fast forward 2 to 3 months later I broke up with her because she didn't make enough time (1 time every 3 weeks, didn't text me, didn't have time for a relationship) (this same thing happened twice already in counting of the last break up) I broke up with her for the same reason. Fast forward to a month later which is now, she texts me talking about something random then tells me she misses me and loves me. I admitted I do too, but she doesn't act
like it, so I told her to just think about what she really wants because I'm kind of tired of having and ups and downs relationship and someone who doesn't dedicate time to the relationship. She ALWAYS tells me that she fell really hard for me and she will try her best to change so the relationship can work out... at this point i'm kind of used to the BS so I said yea whatever... she told me all this, but she still doesn't act like it at least it's like her words are out of sync.
Note: this is from my perspective if you really want to hear hers then please let me know and I will gladly update you. It's a both thing situation, a lot of people tell me to fix it and others tell me to move on... but what I really want is your thoughts on it.


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  • It's so obvious this girl is an attention whore. Just stop talking to her period. The first time she fed you all that bullshit you should have just replied with a "That's nice." and never replied back to her. You'll save yourself a lot of bullshit my not having contact with her again.


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  • it feels like you are the backup forever.
    I had a 4 years relationship with a girl like her. Give me hope when I was leaving, Cool me down when I was around her. back and forth. I knew she cheated on me 3 times at least, and I broke up but she cried and promised. So we came back after my forgiveness until in the end I realised she cheated on me more than I knew.

    So leave her forever. She will use your love to keep you stay


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