Why am I jealous of such a horrible ex girlfriend?

I find myself constantly comparing myself to my boyfriend's ex. I know, I know you SHOULDN'T and every relationship is different.

But I just can't help but wonder WHY he was so infatuated with someone who cheated on him while he was bed ridden from an injury, turned down his marriage proposal, and moved 5 hours away from him (in the mean time he sent her money to get her hair and nails done etc)

I feel like saying "HELLO? I treat you nicely, I pay for things, give you back rubs, my family has accepted you into our family...now treat me with the same affection as you did your crappy girlfriend who did non of the above!"

Does anyone see what I mean? I just don't get it, do I have to cheat on him or give him 5 hours distance to get him to feel the way he did for her?

He's the one who pursued me, he left her for me...so why do I feel like our relationship doesn't compare?

I've found love notes, and keep sakes from their relationship that he's never done with me (old movie tickets, mushy love notes etc)

He says he loves me and gets offended if I say I don't feel it from him.

BAH ...help.


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What Guys Said 1

  • I think you're jealous because he loved her before you, and from the sounds of it loved her more than he loves you. If you can't deal with this and won't give the relationship a chance to grow then you should move on.


What Girls Said 1

  • Ok, you have a big problem on your case. First if he can't treat you or appreciate you like he has to then you either talk or end it. Second you need to tell him how good you are to him adn that you deserve to be treated better then his ex, which did nothing for him and did not considerate him. Put big emphasis on the consideration, and any more thoughts, comments or anything, just email me bac.


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