Is it bad that I broke the no contact rule?

I broke it because he was becoming a stalker and he was just so pitiful. I didn't know what to do. But I set him straight letting him know that even though he fucked me over that he was forgiven. For me not for him. That he got some girl pregnant and he should be focused on that not getting into a relationship. That I would never forget what he did for the rest of my life. But I wished him the best and that I hope he takes care of himself. I have no intentions of being friends but I hoped that this would end his messages. I guess I will know soon enough. But why do I feel somewhat comforted by the texts. It was very mature. And I feel a lot better. Will this backfire? What should I expect?


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  • You said he was becoming a stalker, so if that's who he is, I doubt those text messages are gonna work, lets hope they do, but if they don't and he keeps stalking you, call the cops.
    But by stalking, what do you mean? Does he follow you and watches you all day, or is he just texting you constantly?

    • I turned my phone off and got a new phone because he would not stop texting. Then he started texting my mom. Then when that didn't work he started texting my best friend. Then my brother, my brothers friends, and last but not least my daddy. He has been trying to get my new number from everyone. And I recently activated my Facebook page and he just keeps emailing non stop. But the people listed are the only ones in my small circle. I threatened him with a restraining order when he kept calling my mom's phone but he just kept on calling. So I figured talking may calm him. I'm trying my hardest to avoid the restraining order. What do you think?

    • Text him what you plan on texting him, see hoe he reacts to that, but if he stays the same, call the cops. I don't know if what he's doing is enough for a restraining order since he hasn't caused you any harm, and has not threaten you, but still go to the cops, they'll know what to do.

    • Thanks for the MHO

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